Prehistoric Era


Arabian or Persian Gulf
1-2. © NASA, Washington, DC

Blombos Cave Artifacts
1-3. © Blombos Cave Project, Cape Town

Bridge to Ice Age Sahul
1. © NASA, Washington, DC
2. Courtesy of Eco Lodges Indonesia, Satwa Sumatra Eco Elephant Lodges

Description of the Indian Ocean
1. © Intute, University of Manchester

Dr. Li Jin
© National Geographic

Dr. Spencer Wells, Director of the Genographic Project
© National Geographic

Early Indian Petroglyphs Project Team
© EIP Project

The Gate of Lamentation, Bab al Mandab
© NASA, Washington, DC

Genographic Typing of Human DNA
© United States National Library of Medicine

Gulf of Zula, Eritrea
Courtesy of Melton Nicholson, Department of Archaeological Sciences, University of Bradford

Indian Rock Art
1. Courtesy of the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA), New Delhi
2. © The Bradshaw Foundation, Geneva

Java Trench
Courtesy of National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC), Public Domain

Joseph Bradshaw
© The Bradshaw Foundation, Geneva

Klasies River Cave
© The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Lake Mungo Archaeological Site
Courtesy of Arthur Weasley

The Leakey Family
1. Courtesy of Douglas Price and Gary Feinman
2. Courtesy of Public Broadcasting System (PBS), USA

LGM Last Glacial Maximum
Courtesy of Christopher R. Scotese, PALEOMAP Project

Mimi Figures, Bradshaw Paintings
1. The Bradshaw Foundation, Geneva
2. Courtesy of the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA), New Delhi

Monsoon Cycle
Courtesy of

Mt. Toba Ash and Volcanic Winter
Courtesy of Climate Change Institute, University of Maine

Mt. Toba, Sumatra
1. Courtesy of Susan Williams, Anni Watkins, Laura De Grey, and Kaplan Yalcin, Idaho State University
2. © Andaman Association, Basel

Niah Cave, Borneo
1. © Worldisround
2-3. © Sarawak Museum, Malaysia

Pebble Tools from Kota Tampan, Malaysia
© Lenggong Archaeological Museum, Malaysia

Professor Stephen Oppenheimer
Courtesy of the Bradshaw Foundation, Geneva

Radiocarbon Dating of Prehistoric Objects
Courtesy of the Department of Geography, University of Otago

Reading Archaeological Strata (Layers)
Courtesy of Staten Island Museum at CSI, New York

Red Sea
© NASA, Washington, DC

Satellite Imaging of the Earth
1. Courtesy NASA
2. Courtesy NASA/ Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio

Sonographic Sea Floor Imaging
1. © Marie Tharp and Bruce Heezen
2. Courtesy of Institute of Exploration, University of Rhode Island

Stone Axe, Bobongara, New Guinea
© Museum Victoria, Australia
Strait of Hormuz
1. Public domain
2. Courtesy of the Perry-Castañeda Library, The University of Texas at Austin

Thermoluminescent Dating of Buried Objects
© Hong Kong Observatory, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

World Map of Human Migration
Courtesy of National Geographic Magazine

Zuraina Majid
Courtesy of New Strait Times (NST) Online, Malaysia

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