How to Use Generator

Guide to using the Lesson plan generator

Adding an entry to your lesson plan

Please note there is a limit to the number of entries you can add. Please limit entries to 15-20 maximum. 

  1. Login to the Lesson Plan Generator
  2. Go to the map that you wish to work with
  3. Open your chosen entry on the map
  4. Click “Add to Lesson Plan”
  5. Entry will be added to your current lesson plan on the Lesson Plan Generator page
  6. Please refresh page to see newly added entries (upper right hand corner, under “Logout”)


Viewing and Printing List of Entries

  1. Go to the Lesson Plan Generator page
  2. Your lesson plan entries will be listed on the page (you may need to refresh the page to see newly added entries)
  3. Click “View Entries” to open your lesson plan in a new tab
  4. If you only want a list of entries, print directly from this page


Creating, Editing and Downloading your lesson plan

Change order of entries

  1. On the Lesson Plan Generator page, you can change the order of the entries in your plan by clicking and dragging the item up or down the list

Deleting an entry from Lesson Plan Generator

  1. Click the "X"

View and print single entry

  1. Click "View"
  2. To print entry, in the "View" box, choose "Print"

Edit an entry

  1. Click "Edit"
  2. A box will open with tools similar to Microsoft Word. You can add, delete, or change the color of text here
  3. Scroll down and click "Update" when done

Adding an era map image to lesson plan

  • You can add an era map to your lesson plan by including it in an edited entry
  • Open an entry to add the map image to
  • Click the “Image Manager” icon (next to the bullet point icon)
  • Open the Images folder
  • Open the Maps folder
  • Select the map image you wish to use
  • Click “Insert” in the bottom right hand corner
  • Click “Update” when done

Generate and Download Lesson Plan

  • Select “Download Complete Lesson Plan in Word”
  • Fill in lesson plan information as needed
  • The “Title” field is required
  • Select “Generate Docs”
  • Lesson plan will download to your computer to be opened in Microsoft Word
  • Save your lesson plan to your computer
  • PLEASE NOTE: Make sure the file type is a Word document and not “Web Page”


Remember to save your downloaded lesson plan. Once you have closed the page with your lesson plan (e.g., title, lesson overview, grade or age level) you CANNOT retrieve it.

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