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We are interested in hearing from teachers who use this site in their classroom so we can make it more relevant for students. Included below are some of the comments we have received so far. Please send comments and suggestions to  

Review from World History Connected online by John Maunu and Bryan Scheiber: Read Now! 

Online review from World History Sources by Kristen Lehner: Read Now! 

"This is great! Kids love hands on activities. I love the maps and primary sources!"

Linda Lapp, President 
New York State Council for Social Studies 

"The Indian Ocean realm is one of the oldest and longest lasting networks in world history. It’s wonderful to have a resource give it the attention it deserves." 

Laura Lyon, AP World History Teacher, TX 

"This is an excellent, friendly technology for integrating history and geography in high school geography classes. The combination makes it a perfect resource for new and experienced teachers." 

Mary Lynn Johnson, Social Studies Consultant 
Harris City Department of Education, Harris City, TX 

"This website provides students and teachers with a wealth of knowledge in a user-friendly format. I am very excited about showing it to the teachers in my district to help support learning and student research in our new Global Awareness Technology Project."

Susie Orr, Elementary Social Studies Specialist 
Fairfax County Public Schools, Fairfax, VA 

''Our students have literally grown up with technology - starting in the womb with sonograms. Hurrah for SQCC for using technology to teach an often overlooked location in the West - The Indian Ocean."

Gale Carter, Teacher, IL 

"In reviewing this website I was thoroughly impressed with both the breadth of coverage and the attention to detail. All of this was then wrapped in an artistic and user-friendly package easily manipulated by both teachers and students."

Ken de Masi, Social Studies Department Chair 
East Valley Academy, Mesa, AZ 

 "The graphics and information are great. Students will find this site easy to use and it provides great resources for teachers."

Liz Morrison, Coordinator of Social Studies, 
Instructional Services Center Parkway School District St. Louis, MO  

"This is amazing as a tool for teaching global studies and technologies, history and geography." 

Katy O'Halleran, Program Coordinator, Teacher Education 
Northwestern Oklahoma State University, Alva, OK 

 "I teach Islamic Civ. in a prep school, and I can see the immediate benefit of using the website for the topics we study involving the Indian Ocean trade routes developed by Islamic traders." 

Dave Wolter, History Teacher 
The Hill School, Pottstown, PA 

"This is a wonderful website for the visual learner. It is extremely interactive and very well-designed."

Camille Henslee, AP World History Teacher 
Vines High School, Plano, TX 

"The Indian Ocean in World History website is a very organized and comprehensive site of historical events, facts, and more that even our elementary students can use in their studies of ancient and modern cultures."

Regina King, Instructional Technology Specialist 
Fairfax County Public Schools, VA 

"Website design is superior. The pop-up windows with additional information is perfect for non-linear thinkers." 

Laveta Clovis, Education Program Manager 

 "This will be very useful in AP world history. It was the topic of last year’s AP exam questions."

Janet Martin, Social Studies Teacher 

"Hands on, interactive way to promote global awareness of how the world is and has been connected."

Danielle Altadonna, TX 



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